'Chehre' (transl. faces) is a cinematic podcast series featuring ordinary people with extraordinary allure. Up close and intimate, each episode is an authentic exploration of the individual/s in focus, revealing the stories they hold within.

Episode 1 of our podcast series features rainbow child Roshini Kumar. A photographer, creative director and art activist, Roshini dares to confront society, experiment and set her own boundaries. She uses her art to challenge our thinking, addressing issues that hold deep meaning to her. In this episode, amongst many things, she talks about her dedication to body positivity, her journey surviving cancer, her commitment to mental health (and her hair), and her love for life as a freelancer.


Sushant Gupta, the CEO of SG Analytics talks about the company's journey, its key successes, and its exciting future. This project was produced by Shift Media Co.

The technology sector has a distinction of being a sector where businesses undergo transformation at a relentless pace. Innovative models continuously evolve, technologies either emerge, merge or simply disappear, and plus there is the influence of consumption on innovation.


Shot by: Shift Media Co.

Edited and Produced by: Ulule

Rain Drop is an NGO in the village of Rajewadi, Maharashtra that is working towards providing its 1200 inhabitants clean and safe drinking water. Rajewadi is an area gravely affected by drought.